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With what appears to be an insatiable appetite for architects, specifiers, builders and homeowners to design buildings and replace the windows in their homes with coloured frames in a traditional grained finish. Keyframe UK are taking steps to improve availability.

For many years it has been a problem for installers that when they are asked to quote for coloured foiled profiles, they are thrown into a quandary as to who they can source it from? How long it will take to be made? And how much it will cost?! Especially if they are a Rehau installer. Well, Keyframe UK are in the process of taking that headache away for good with the announcement that they are introducing Rehau – White, Black, Grey and Creme foiled profiles to their range. Windows and doors manufactured in these colours will be available in the S706 70mm fully bevelled suite, in a choice of either slim 52mm or 72mm outer frame profile, both of which benefit from clean cut lines and low sightline gaskets giving a sleek contemporary appearance, whilst still incorporating all the high security locking features that you expect and are standard on Keyframe’s windows and doors.

Jimmy Whittles (Managing Director – Keyframe UK) remarked that: “This exciting introduction to our product range will help open the doors to many new sales opportunities for ourselves and our customers, it will give Rehau installers the ability to compete with companies that offer coloured grained frames in alternative systems, whereas, in the past, they have been unable to do so due to lack of availability from fabricators. Also because we will hold the four colours in stock, this will serve to reduce lead times from the standard 3-4 weeks, which we usually quote on sprayed frames, down to 7-10 days. These much improved lead times along with the availability for us to go to the market with more attractive selling prices, will ensure our customers have not only got the best products, but also a competitive edge.”

The company will still continue to supply Windows and Doors sprayed in any one of 1500 different colours that will suit all tastes and blend in beautifully with the design and style of any property.

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